designed in: 2011
commissioned: no
material: silver, stainless steel inlay
size: 23 x 23 x 31 mm
weight: 60 gram
design: computer modeling with Illustrator and Materialise Magics
execution: 3D printing, lost-wax casting, intarsia, hand-engraved
finish: matted
edition: 1 x 3 pieces
extras: series of 3 rings (not made to wear), contemporary jewellery
credits: casting by Peter Bruining, engraving and intarsia by Daniel Houwer
The singular model of the three rings is the city coat of arms. The stars, cross, and sword as depicted on this coat of arms are incorporated in the engraving on the rings. The three rings recount episodes from the history of the city hall of Haarlem.
1. Floris V Count of Holland, text by chronicler Melis Stoke.
2. Hermanus de Vogel, infamous executioner, invoice sent to the municipality of Haarlem.
3. Lieven de Key, Renaissance architect, panegyric by Samuel Ampzing.