designed in: 2011
commissioned: no
material: paper or stone composite
size: 70 x 9 mm
weight: 14 gram (paper)
design: paper cutting
execution: computer modeling with Materialise Magics, 3D printing
legend: WIJ ZIJN BROER EN ZUS (phrase taken from Dutch song by Frank Boeijen)
finish: as printed
edition: undecided
extras: can be printed in most available 3D print-materials and with most 3D printer
credits: 3D printing: 3DWorknet
This medal is inspired by the way a Mcor Technologies 3D printer works. This machine stacks and cuts out silhouettes from regular printer paper. The two profiles depict the artist and her brother. The silhouettes were cut out by hand, by an unknown artist around 1985. The two silhouettes are combined in a merged relief, and one side of the medal adversely to the other. The medal was made with the Mcor printer, but the results were not satisfactory, which is a shame, because the concept of the medal was to translate paper silhouettes (old trade) to a paper medal (new technique). The medal has also been printed in sandstone, plastic, and bronze. In time the artist will try again to print this medal with Mcor, when the machine and software offer better results.