designed in: 2010
commissioned: HIER Klimaatbureau
material: silver
size: 74 x 18 mm
weight: 135 gram
design: paper prototype, computer modelling Photoshop and Illustrator
execution: lost-wax casting, forging, soldering, hand-engraved
legend: name of the laureate, KLIMAATPENNING and year of issue
finish: obverse sandblasted, rim and reverse polished
edition: 15 unique pieces and two epreuves d’artiste
extras: packaged in handmade, paper clay box
credits: casting: Peter Bruining / engraving: Daniel Houwer
The commissioner had one criterion for this medal: baby polar bears. The medal is shaped as a section of a sphere with a void in the middle, with baby polar bears on the slope. In 2010 ten bears were sitting on the medal, and each of the following years one bear was added. Each medal has a different pattern of polar bears, placed in groups or alone, depending on the nature of the company or person who would receive this yearly award. The reverse of the medal has a hand-engraved ‘Arctis’ line and the text 10°C (50°F) juli – isotherm and the artist’s logo. The rim of the void and the outer rim are made with a 90° angle on the slope.