designed in: 2008
commissioned: no
material: silver
size: 65 x 15 mm
weight: 150 gram
design: plastic prototype, paper banner, text Illustrator
execution: lost-wax casting, forging, soldering, hand engraved
legend: Latin text, different on each medal, year of issue in Roman numerals and the artist’s logo
finish: polished
edition: 7 unique pieces and one epreuve d’artiste (5 sold)
extras: each medal is accompanied by collage ‘Concordia MMVIII’
credits: casting by Peter Bruining / engraving by Daniel Houwer
This series of medals consists of seven unique pieces and show a carnage of soldiers of a variety of armies and eras. Every medal has a hand shaped banner going around and through the rim. Each medal has a different inscription, pointing out the symbolic flip side of the medal, commenting on war and peace.