designed in: 2016
commissioned: HIER Klimaatbureau
material: silver, bamboo, glass enamal
size: 70 x 10 mm
weight: 120 gram
design: computer modeling with Illustrator, laser cut cardboard prototypes
execution: laser cutting, scroll sawing, soldering, glass enameling, assembling
finish: sanded
edition: 2 pieces per year
extras: packaged in bamboo laser cut box
credits: laser cutting: Snijmeesters
The client commissioned a new medal – They didn’t want the baby polar bear as symbol for climate change anymore (first CLIMATE MEDAL) because it doesn’t represent the image of their efforts anymore. The medal is partly made from silver and partly from the environmentally friendly material bamboo. The medal consists of five layers that can rotate around a concentrically placed axis, reveiling images on the layers as you turn them. Each bamboo layer has a cut out laser picture about a subject related to climate change. The top and bottom layer are made from 2 mm thick silver, cut by hand. On the obverse the logo of the HIER Climate bureau is shown and on the the reverse the year of issue. When all layers are lined up, the text on the rim is readable.